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Corporate Work Study:
Program Overview

A Unique Program for Career Readiness

In addition to being an academically rigorous high school, Cristo Rey Brooklyn provides all students with a unique four-year, work study experience. Approved and regularly reviewed by the US Department of Labor, the Corporate Work Study Program (CWS) is an innovative educational and financial model that enables students to financially access a private, college preparatory education  and literally earn their way through high school while simultaneously gaining invaluable work experience to better prepare them for college and the professional workforce. The program is separately incorporated, effectively functioning as an employment agency alongside Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School.

Student Associate Schedule

All CRB students attend instructional classes four days per week and work one full day per week in entry-level positions at organizations representing dozens of leading businesses, law firms, higher education institutions and various civic, philanthropic and governmental entities across NYC and beyond. Each student works a specific day each week depending on their class year and academic classes are scheduled, including extended school days and summer academic options, to ensure that students never miss class.

Image of CRB students with CWS supervisor
Image of CRB student with CWS supervisor










Standard Structure


 In the standard structure, five student workers (CWS "team") equal one full-time equivalent position but there exist numerous staffing options available to our partners, ranging from employing just a couple of student workers to sponsoring multiple teams. 

Flexible Partnership Options


Mindful of the evolving workplace environment, CRB offers current and prospective partners flexible student worker deployment options. Our young student workers, by virtue of their entry level status, flexibility, and eagerness to learn and contribute, can actually enhance efforts to return to a productive, if potentially altered, working environment. To address the needs of the modern workplace, we offer three core solutions, with hybrid alternatives available:

  1. On-Site Employment located at Company office

  2. Remote Work based at CRB school facility with CRB staff providing on-site supervision coupled with Company remote management and mentoring

  3. Third Party Sponsorship, where until such time, or even if, the Company is able to implement options 1 or 2 above, it financially sponsors students to work at a non-profit organization or a small business that as a result of the pandemic does not have the budget to financially support the students' employment but has a need for productive workers


The CWS enables students to earn 50% or more of the cost of their education. This experience is an essential part of their education and growth. It enables students to directly contribute to the cost of their education while exposing them to the world of work, acquire invaluable hard skills and the values of hard work, responsibility and ambition.

Through our Corporate Work Study, our young men and women

have been exposed to real-life work experience at the following companies:

The Benefits of Corporate Work Study

  • Learn and practice valuable life skills, including communication, and workplace readiness

  • Receive hands-on work experience and exposure to different industries, fields, and career paths 

  • Gain confidence, and self-esteem

  • Increase personal, and professional network

  • Resume building opportunity for summer jobs and college admissions

For Students

  • Creates a diverse workforce pipeline

  • Accomplish work with eager and reliable students at an affordable cost

  • Build a sense of constructive civic engagement and camaraderie among employees while simultaneously increasing office-morale 

  • Increase community presence and engagement

For Partners

Through CWS, our young men and women

have been exposed to real-life work experience at the following companies:

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