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Campus Ministry Programs

  • Freshmen Retreat

  • Sophomore Retreat

  • Junior Retreat

  • Senior Overnight Retreat

  • Service Plunge

  • Ignatian Family Teach - in for Justice

  • Community Service Projects

  • Faith Sharing Opportunities

  • Community Prayer Leaders

  • Masses & Prayer Services

Ava Darrell,
Class of 2025


 I am currently a Junior at Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School. In October, I took a trip to Washington D.C. for the IFTJ Teach- In, along with some of my peers. Meeting new people and networking has made a major impact on my everyday life. Connecting with people my age and who share the same interests of making a change has allowed me to realize that I am not alone in wanting to fight for what’s right. Learning about ways to play my part in preventing injustices in the world has been extremely inspiring. Attending the IFTJ Teach- In has contributed to my passion and commitment to making a difference.

Ignatian Family Teach-in For Justice, 2023


D'Angelo Cabral,
Class of 2026


Sophomore Retreat, 2023

The sophomore retreat felt extremely effective and was an efficient way to connect with one self and those around us. My appreciation for my fellow Panthers has grown as a result of this experience, which is one of my major personal takeaways from the retreat. I was especially reminded of this when we were divided into groups and asked to name a gift we appreciate of someone else on the table. Watching as no one struggles to identify a gift of another Panther because of our intimacy as an entire grade flooded me with satisfaction and gratitude.  I felt like this retreat did an incredible job of helping everyone deliberately take a look at themselves and their gifts. Along with that the motivational and inspiring part for me was when we talked upon what was blocking us from being what God intends for us with the gifts he has given us. This brought on a whole new light to the mental blocks we all put up between us and our dreams involving our gifts.  All in all I appreciate the opportunity we had on this years sophomore retreat and I would suggest anyone to do such a retreat.

Bradley Robinson,
Spanish Teacher 

Ignatian Family Teach-in For Justice, 2023


I accompanied our Campus Minister, Ms. Krystle Powell, and five students on a trip to Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Washington D.C. The trip brought people together who shared values and a commitment to social justice, our experience was marked by inspiring talks, engaging workshops, and meaningful conversations. As a group we analyzed issues of equality, climate change, and advocacy, forging connections with like-minded individuals within the conference. This gave us a renewed sense of purpose as we returned to Cristo Rey Brooklyn ready to advocate for what we believe in our communities.

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