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Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGHNY)

Cristo Rey Brooklyn has partnered with Boys Hope Girls Hope New York (BHGHNY) to offer a unique boarding program on our campus whereby as many as 50 female students reside from Sunday to Friday in the former convent located on our premises and receive various support and complementary programming as part of their residence program.

BHGHNY's mission is to help academically capable and motivated children from at-risk situations meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing them with the safe and stable living environment, academic support, and guidance they need to finish high school, graduate from college, and become responsible and productive citizens.


We are pleased to welcome these young women into our school family and are grateful for the support of BHGHNY that has enabled us to extend our admissions reach beyond our traditional Brooklyn and Queens communities, and to offer a viable residential alternative to female students who face especially challenging home situations.

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