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Structure of the Workday:

In accordance with academic scheduling, our student body works on different days according to their grade level. Students attend classes four days out of the five day work week and one day go to work at one of our corporate partners from approximately 9:30am to 4:45pm. 



Freshman Student



Junior Student



Senior Student



Sophomore Student

What our students do:

Over the course of their four years here, CRB students work in a variety of areas including but not limited to: accounting, human resources, office services, finance, information technology, marketing, and business development. Students are trained to provide both onsite work support, as well as virtual work support. Please see below for some of the everyday tasks involved in a student’s workday.

  • Handling and organizing of internal documents

  • Managing reception areas

  • Assisting in planning and facilitating company events

  • Filing 

  • Inputting data and helping construct company databases

  • Taking inventory

  • Delivering and sending mail

  • Copying, Faxing, Scanning, and Printing 

  • Managing company libraries and records

  • Planning, preparing, taking minutes, and presenting for company meetings

  • Creating social media content

  • Conducting research for company specific needs

  • And more!

For more information contact our CWS team at

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