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Corporate Partners

Through our Corporate Work Study Program, our young men and women have been exposed to work experience at the following companies:

Partners by Industry


Job Training

Before Cristo Rey Brooklyn students begin their work placements at the start of freshmen year, they complete a three week training program. Students’ full acceptance into Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School and the Corporate Work Study Program is contingent on a successful completion of the Summer Training Program. Throughout the program students learn computer skills in both the Google Suite and Microsoft Office, professional etiquette, basic office tasks, networking skills, resume writing, as well as basic math and literature. The program incorporates not only traditional classroom style instruction, but also hands on learning opportunities, including visits to partner organizations and a practice networking event. 

In addition to preparing students to be successful at their job placements, the Summer Training Program also looks to integrate students into the larger Cristo Rey Brooklyn community, introducing them to our Catholic identity and college-bound culture. 

 At the end of their training, students are equipped to:

  • perform basic office duties including filing, faxing, copying, and inter-office mail processing 

  • work with applications in both the Google Suite and Microsoft Office

  • receive and record phone messages in a professional manner

  • navigate successfully around, greet and converse with adults in the workplace

  • become proactive at work

Our Students Skillset Includes..

Administrative Duties

  • Preparing letters and composing emails to clients; sorting, distributing, stamping, sealing, and filing mail

  • Delivering newspapers, public transportation passes, and mail to employees

  • Creating letter templates for correspondence to clients, summarizing received letter content

  • Making announcement slides for TV monitors

  • Answering phones and covering receptionist duties

  • Scanning and laminating important documents for retention

  • Producing receipts for checks and ledgers for account balances

  • Documenting, organizing, and updating customer account information and payments

  • Preparing gift bags and giveaway baskets for corporate events

  • Alphabetizing and organizing personnel files, accessing database documents

  • Scanning vehicle registration and permit numbers into CRM

  • Transferring information from client business cards to electronic format

  • Processing insurance verification claims, proofreading and mailing enrollment letters to employees and clients

  • Maintaining facilities, lighting, conference rooms, and bathroom supplies

  • Scanning documents and reporting credits, withdrawals, and declined transactions

File and Data Management

  • Preparing limited practice lists into Excel

  • Uploading scanned invoices and documents onto CRM

  • Documenting incident reports into Excel

  • Preparing files for new applicants in assured, prospect, and lead accounts for companies seeking insurance

  • Updating client summary lead sheets for financial automated control testing reports

  • Separating and posting checks into CRM database, transferring data

  • Using Vertex software to track tax compliance and data management

  • Collecting historical data for compliance records

  • Generating CRD (Central Registration Depository) reports, running and preparing internal reports

  • Preparing mutual funds holdings account schedules

  • Reviewing revenue accounts for specified companies

  • Using DealCloud to compile data, ILevel for portfolio managing reports

  • Completing weekly acquisition screening

  • Organizing credit reports in excel

  • Reviewing bank statements and credit reports for routine account security purposes

Product/Strategy Management

  • Analyzing and resolving outlier records using Transactional Data (TDR) reporting and other tracking programs

  • Updating Draft Pro Forms, updating and editing memos

  • Preparing plans in Strata View to plan commercials and advertisements

  • Creating Power Point presentations

  • Researching proposals and press releases, drafting summaries for upcoming events, creating content for presentations

  • Preparing deliverable reports for managers

  • Generating passback reports and tags

  • Using ZoomInfo and Cobalt databases to extract data

  • Preparing and updating data in excel, matching data cells from data sources using Vlookup commands



American Express

I am an advocate for the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I was introduced to Corporate America via a work study program, many years ago. It was call the “co-op" program. It changed my life. I know firsthand the impact these types of programs can have on a young person’s life. 


The second reason is because working with the Cristo Rey students is VERY rewarding. Rewarding for both the business and for the students. Watching the students develop over the years has been amazing! Our students get the opportunity to apply the business concepts and theories to their real world decision making. They leave American Express with solid work ethics and a good sense of social responsibility. They get the opportunity to meet professional role models and potential mentors who can provide guidance, feedback, and support. What a GREAT program!.”


Cullen and Dykman

One of my favorite quotes about kids speaks to the heart of the Cristo Rey philosophy... 'If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.' ~ Nicolette Sowder.


Cristo Rey provides children with an opportunity to learn in the classroom and use what they learn in a professional environment. The school educates the students and the corporate partners support that education by teaching the students how to use what they learn in real life situations. It is very rewarding working with the Cristo Rey students because they are happy and enthusiastic. They remind us all of how exciting everyday life can be, when viewed through the eyes of a young person.

Alum Class of 2022,

Employed at American Express

"Before I went to American Express I expected to be seen as younger or as a kid. Before I started working I never expected to be given important work or tasks because I am a freshman. However as soon as I got there I was expected to complete challenging work. I am not treated like a 14 year old but more as a co-worker and an important part of the company. At my job I am learning skills that I will most likely use when I get older. I am learning how to interact with people in the work space. I look forward to the rest of my time at AMEX."

Student Class of 2023,

Employee at Diocese of Brooklyn

Before I started working at the Diocese of Brooklyn, I felt like I was missing out on the real world. This job has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and academically. The transition from being a middle school student to being a high school student who works is a moment I will never forget.

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