Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the students be trained before they begin in our office?

    Yes, students are trained in:

    • Communication and relationship building
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, and other software programs
    • Customer service skills
    • Standard office equipment operation
    • Office etiquette
    • Dressing for success
    • Conveying a positive first impression in the workplace
    • Phone skills
    • Filing and document handling
    • Confidentiality and ethics in the workplace
    • Workplace safety
    • Team building
  2. Do students choose where they work?

    After considering students’ skill levels and interests and the skill sets needed by our sponsors, the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) staff will determine where students are placed.

  3. As a sponsoring business, what responsibilities do we have?

    Your 3 biggest responsibilities are to:

    • Provide a positive work environment for the students
    • Provide a supervisor who believes in the program and the success of Cristo Rey students
    • Provide meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role
  4. If I have a problem with a student, do I deal with the student directly?

    If there is ever an issue with a student in the workplace, you may deal with the student directly or you may contact the Corporate Work Study Program Office. Students may be replaced if there are any issues. In these rare cases, another student will be assigned.

  5. Why should a business participate in the program and how much does it cost?

    The cost of the program will be decided as a result of the feasibility study. There are many reasons to participate:

    • Add productive, entry-level employees
    • Cost-effective for your business
    • Free up lower-level employees for more value-added work
    • Participation is deductible as a business expense
    • Contribute to your workforce diversity
    • Students do not qualify as headcount
    • Benefit your local community with immediate payoff
    • Cristo Rey school handles administrative expenses
  6. Are there guarantees to ensure the success of the students and program?

    Each student receives one academic credit for the work-study program. Each student is also evaluated on his or her performance twice during the school year. Students also have an opportunity to evaluate their workplace. Aside from the workshops mentioned above, additional workshops are conducted throughout the year to assist students in their learning process.

  7. Is there a dress code?

    Cristo Rey students are held to strict standards. All students are required to wear the school uniform.  There are options from which to choose, though. Students must adhere to the dress code at all times.

  8. Is it possible to hire students during school breaks?

    Yes, it is possible to hire students during school breaks. Since the CWSP operates like a staffing agency, it handles payment to the students earned for any extra work.